If you eat this awesome object, you can kill the enemy.


Dried fruits and nuts are rich in nutrients including energy, protein, vitamins and fiber .These are the many benefits to our body. Especially nutritious fruit products such as persimmons and tails.

Iron is high in palm oil, which benefits every age group in every way. It is said to give women strength and energy at various times from puberty to old age. Prevents and controls anemia. People who do not eat non-vegetarian foods are less likely to get vitamin B deficiency. Eating pancakes can help alleviate anxiety and get more calcium and iron. The bones gain strength.

Parsley can be eaten by everyone from young to old. Eat 2 servings per day.

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The next omega fatty acid in walnuts is very good for the heart. Many people add walnut oil to their diet. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Walnut has the ability to reduce heart problems. The taste of walnuts is slightly bitter compared to other dried fruits and nuts. So for those who don’t like the taste, you can combine it with your favorite foods.

Walnuts are high in protein. Low in fat. So it can be eaten by everyone from boys to adults.


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