If you want to become a baby scientist, try this side dish during pregnancy


Needless to say, the heated debate over vitamin D has escalated since the spread of the Govit-19 epidemic. This is because the sun’s exposure is greatly reduced during such times. This is the result of being at home to escape the infection. Vitamin D deficiency can damage the bones. It can be harmful to the body as a whole.

Mothers ‘vitamin D levels during pregnancy are said to be related to their babies’ IQ. It has been suggested that having high levels of vitamin D in pregnancy can also lead to an increase in the IQ value of the baby. A mother’s vitamin D is transmitted to her baby through the uterus. Therefore, studies show that it helps regulate various processes, including brain development.

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Foods rich in vitamin D Foods rich in vitamin D include fish, eggs and cow’s milk and cereals.

Non-vegetarians prefer fish dishes. Fish lovers are advised to include more salmon in their diet. It is rich in vitamin D, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and good fatty fish.

One study suggests that regular consumption of this fish may increase bone density. Since this fish has more vitamin D than other fish, non-vegetarians should no longer look for salmon.

Orange juice can be taken daily as there is no one who is not mesmerized by this sour and sweet taste. Take a cup of orange juice with breakfast every day. Developed countries insist on this as it is rich in vitamins and calcium. For some people, drinking milk can cause allergies. Instead, orange juice, which is rich in vitamin D and vitamin C, provides the nutrients for the day.

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