If you want to get rid of joint pain to lung mucus, add all this with onion


If you want to get rid of joint pain to lung mucus, add all this with onion

Onions are very rich in vitamin C. Green onions in particular are high in C nutrients. There are many benefits to eating it raw.

If you want to get rid of joint pain to lung mucus, add all this with onion

Let’s see what are the benefits of eating onions.

Sulfur in onions cleanses the blood and prevents heart attack. The anti-allergic properties of onions cleanse the airways and protect us from problems such as asthma.

Onions have the power to control arthritis in old age. Add onion and mustard oil and apply on the affected area. The pain will subside. Frequent coughing when the weather changes.

In case of lung problem, nasal irritation etc., the above problems can be eliminated by mixing honey with a little onion juice. Recent research has shown that onions have anti-cancer properties.

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Pleural Effusion Illustration

It repairs cell death and cell damage caused by smoking, air pollution and autism.

Some people suddenly faint and become breathless. At that time, if you squeeze the onion and sniff the juice, the dizziness will clear up. If we add too much salt to the food we eat, we are more likely to get diarrhea. At that time, if you mix onion juice and honey, the sputum will stop immediately.

If we have difficulty passing stool out of the body then constipation is likely to occur. This can be caused by body heat. When we fry onion and eat it, our body temperature decreases and the constipation disappears. The stool is easily excreted. Fry the onion and leave the honey to be eaten at night. Those who do not have the strength to gain physical strength will get the physical strength to boil a little onion and eat it with honey and caraway.

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Mix onion juice and hot water and gargle, just soak the onion juice in a punch and apply it on the gums to reduce toothache and gum pain.


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