Immunity Pathalain to say, Vettalai should be eaten like this


Immunity Pathalain to say, Vettalai should be eaten like this

Chemicals found naturally in betel nut can cure respiratory ailments such as shortness of breath. It also helps a lot with colds and coughs. Beetroot is also used for diseases such as asthma. Put small betel leaves in water, add cumin and cinnamon and drink it once or twice a day for relief from respiratory problems.

betel leaf

Mix garlic juice with betel juice and apply it on the affected area and it will disappear.

If 2.3 drops of this juice is left on the forehead and nose for headache, the headache will go away.

2 drops of betel leaf extract can relieve earache.

Breastfeeding mothers, if the milk is swollen and swollen, grate the betel leaves in the shade and tie it in layers to reduce the swelling.

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If the scorpion stings, put 22 peppercorns in the betel leaf and chew it to get rid of the scorpion venom.

Beetroot cleanses your body by flushing out toxins from your internal organs. It boosts your metabolism and improves blood flow to your internal organs as well.

If you have a migraine or headache, you can use betel nut. It can cure headaches naturally and can be cured by rubbing the scalp with water on the scalp.

This will increase the strength of your gums and prevent your teeth from decaying.

Betel nut is used to control sugar levels. It is ideal for patients with type 2 diabetes and has the benefit of reducing cholesterol.

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