Increase longevity? Follow this oxygen regimen.


A man breathes 15 times a minute. According to this calculation he breathes 900 times an hour. Breathes 21,600 times a day. The more we reduce this respiration the longer we can live!

The more we spend, the shorter the lifespan. It’s like saving money in a bank. If we spend our breath as quickly as we spend money in the bank, our life expectancy will decrease.

Pranayama (breathing exercises) is the development of life.

Take a look at a tasty account. If a man breathes 15 times a minute, he is sentenced to 100 years.

One man per minute

He is 83 1/3 years old if he breathes 18 times

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He is 750 years old if he breathes 2 times

He is 1500 years old if he breathes 1 time

Breathing 0 times does not end (this can only be done by Siddharthas)

Yes, breathing is the source of our life.


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