Infectious herbs that send germs into the soil


Infectious herbs that send germs into the soil

Although many factors such as corona infection and lack of oxygen are making us fearful day by day, we are focusing more on boosting the immune system in our body. In the current environment, we are forced to focus on increasing the oxygen balance in our body as well. For our body to always be healthy, the lungs need to function well. Once the oxygen in the air we breathe in the lungs is filtered out, it reaches all parts of the body. Thus, it is necessary to pay special attention to the lungs.

Infectious herbs that send germs into the soil


Corrects stress, diabetes, and respiratory problems. Can be eaten with tomato sauce, spaghetti or pizza.

French leaf:

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Eating garlic, onion, carrot, umbrella chilli along with brinjal leaves can cure migraine headaches and high blood sugar.


Eating a little coriander, tomato and onion can cure acne and diabetes. It is good to eat uncooked.

Curry leaves:

Eating curry leaves with mustard along with juice can act as a medicine in case of food poisoning.

Lemon Cross:

Can be eaten with tea. Relieves physical fatigue and pain.


Helps to correct flatulence and stomach problems. Very suitable for the development of bone and body organs.


It is also one of the world’s leading natural remedies. Corrects pain, stomach – urinary problems, swollen glands, tension, irregular menstrual cycles.


You can know its coolness from the mint chutney eaten along with the cucumber.

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Rosemary: Studies show that rosemary can improve memory and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Corrects respiratory problems and colds. Drink with tea. Can be cooked and eaten with green vegetables, olive oil and garlic.


Turmeric is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, all kinds
It will also protect you from infections. Every day before you go to bed, you can mix turmeric powder with milk and drink it. Along with this, you can mix coffee with turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and basil to make and drink coffee. It keeps the lungs strong and strengthens the immune system.


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White pound is rich in antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. Thus, eating pudding can keep the lungs strong. You can eat 3 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach every morning. If you feel that your body is hot, soak a few cloves of garlic and a clove at night and bring them in the morning to cool down.


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