Infusion that kills the frequent physical problem in an instant.

From the youngest to the oldest, if you have a cold, fever, cough, we can solve this problem with a decoction prepared with the products we use everyday.

Ingredients: Water – 15 (1/2 tsp) Cumin – 1/2 tsp. Coriander powder -1/2 tsp ginger-small piece cooking turmeric powder -a pinch.

Varamalli is very essential for this decoction. Please do not add store-bought coriander powder. If you do not have ground coriander in your house, add a whole spoonful of coriander to this infusion.

First in a bowl, pour a tumbler of water. You can then add all of the above ingredients one by one to the water. Only pepper and ginger should be crushed in one or two stones. Tear the beets into small pieces.

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Then put it in the oven and boil it on a medium heat till it boils in a tumbler of water and half a tumbler. Once the water is well drained and the flipper is half a tumbler, remove the tippers through a strainer and drink the water while it is still warm. Adults can drink this half a tumbler of water completely. If you have small children, a foot tumbler is enough. This decoction has the ability to break down any kind of cold or fever in your body.

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