Instead of going to the gym during lockdown time, you can buy yourself a gym


Instead of going to the gym during lockdown time, you can buy yourself a gym

People who think they are a good bodybuilder suffer from this condition of not being able to go to the gym. So eat good healthy foods.

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Eating a bowl a lot of oats every morning will increase energy in the body and reduce the breakdown and accumulation of fats. So when trying to keep the body structured, it should be eaten regularly.

Eggs contain vitamins A and D, which provide energy to the body. So be sure to eat 2 eggs daily.

There are many types of cheese. But of them cottage cheese is the healthiest. In India it is called Panneer. It is low in fat and high in protein, so it is good for those who want to keep their body fit.

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Eating chocolate dark chocolate once a week can reduce muscle soreness. Flaxseed Flaxseed is rich in protein and fiber. So if you eat this as a bodybuilder, the heart will be healthy.

Sugar beet

Often underestimated, this tuber is high in vitamin A, which helps in the production of connective tissue. Sugar beet protects the skin of the body from infection and microbial attack. Remember that your skin plays an important role in boosting the body’s immune system.


Mushrooms help in the growth of blood cells that are the source of the body’s immune system that fights diseases. Mushrooms have many health benefits related to zinc and other health benefits known as zinc.

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There is no doubt that fruits are the number one source of immunity. It is one of the healthiest foods in the world as it is high in Vitamin B1, C, A and Metals. It also purifies the esophagus naturally.


Nutritious food without berries. Blueberry and raspberry fruits have protective properties and naturally strengthen the body’s immune system. Blueberries are healthy because they contain less sugar than other fruits.


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