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Coconut plays an important role in Tamil Nadu and Kerala cuisine. Coconut is used in many ways such as young water, coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk.

Is Coconut Good ... Bad?

Coconut contains a lot of nutrients. It is high in fat rather than micronutrients. Coconut contains protein, vitamin B complex and fiber. 100 grams of coconut a day contains 75 per cent manganese, 22 per cent copper, 14 selenium and 13 per cent iron.

Is Coconut Good ... Bad?

There is an opinion that adding too much coconut is not good for the heart. Cardiologists and diabetics advise to reduce the amount of coconut and avoid it. This is because of the saturated fat in it. Some studies suggest that people who regularly use coconut oil have an increase in LDL cholesterol.

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At the same time, a study of people in the Polynesian Islands, who consume large amounts of coconut in their diet, found that heart disease was less common. It is said that one of the reasons for this is that they eat a lot of fish. A study of Filipino women found that they were not only good fats but also high in bad fats and triglycerides. Studies in this regard are ongoing. Thus the researchers further confuse us that we cannot say for sure whether coconut is good or bad.

Coconut is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels. The amino acids in coconut stimulate the cells in the pancreas to increase insulin secretion. Thus the blood sugar level is under control.

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Coconut is rich in gallic acid, caffeic acid, salicylic acid and p-coumaric acid. These act as excellent anti-oxidants. Studies show that they help lower the level of LDL in the polyphenols and reduce the risk of blockage in the blood vessels.


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