Is your child healthy or growing up? Read this and check it out ..


Is your child healthy or growing up? Read this and check it out ..

From birth to 2 years of age, what are the signs of staying healthy?

Is your child healthy or growing up? Read this and check it out ..

The skin will be pink when the baby is born.

The heart beats 100 times a minute.

Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, and tingling in the legs.

Breathing will be regular.

All of these are health signs for the newborn.

If vulnerable

The baby will be blue.

Breathing may be increased or decreased.

Until a few days after the baby is born

Urination for half an hour or once an hour.

Frequent urination in breastfed babies is a healthy sign.

Turning on the noise indicates that the hearing is working smoothly and the brain is developing well.

The mother’s voice, music, the sound of bells, and the voice of the acquaintance indicate that the child’s mental development is normal if he is calm.

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Drinking milk, falling asleep, and crying for hunger again are good symptoms.

The child is staring at us, so we can see that our eyesight is also good.

As the baby grows older, the baby’s crying and sleep will gradually decrease.

It is also a sign of good health for the child to look at something quietly in thought.

How to detect cognitive development?

Staring at bright colors.

Inspecting shapes and toys.

Seeing the curtain move.

Watching the fan.

All this will ensure the cognitive development of the child.

3 month olds

Spaces with light, seeing bright colors.

Turning both eyes in one direction.

Joining both hands. Hand clasping.

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Grabbing favorite items by hand.

Kicking and shaking hands and feet.

When the corpse falls, shake your head if you hear a noise.

Laughing at acquaintances.

At the end of 3 months

Stopping the head.

Laughing, recognizing mom, dad, grandma, grandpa.

6 month olds

Picking it up if items fall down.

Falling into the trash itself, lying on the ground.

Holding his feet and playing.

Holding the milk bottle.

Remembering familiar faces.

Teeth begin to erupt.

At the end of the 6th month, sit up straight.

Drooling from the mouth.

Trying to speak. Thus ensuring speech ability.

10 month old babies

Holding and standing.

Practice standing alone slightly.

12 month olds

Sitting on your own without support.

To result.

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Trying to stand up.

Fast crawling and moving with arms and legs

Drinking water in a tumbler.

Speaking a few words.

15 month olds

Pushing and pulling unwanted items.

Watching cartoons.

Eating food automatically.

Walking on its own without support.

If someone says pick it up, pick it up.

2 year old children

Being interested in the game.

Identifying mom, dad, relationships by looking at the photo.

Pronouns speak well.

Holding the spoon by itself without help and eating.


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