It can be corona though not the flu! – Doctors warn


The 2nd wave of corona spread across India is causing panic. A full curfew and night curfew has been declared in Tamil Nadu on Sunday to control the spread of corona. At the same time doctors have warned that Corona will show its work even without the flu.

The first wave caused the greatest impact to adults during the epidemic. Children and young people are infected but do not have a major problem. Currently, the virus is so serious that even children can be admitted to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

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Gauri Agarwal, a Mumbai-based doctor, said, “Corona infection is affecting more and more young people than the elderly. Many of them do not even have the flu. However, only symptoms such as dry mouth, digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea, red eyes and headaches have been reported.

He added, “Laboratories have no problem testing the corona. Everything is better as laboratory, structural facility. But the problem is that the study is recorded in the ICMR within 24 hours. ”

The spread of the malignant corona virus is currently affecting more and more children. Statistics show that children between the ages of eight months and 14 years are the most affected. In Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana and Karnataka, the incidence of childhood infections has increased.

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Many people get the flu. For some, the infection intensifies without the flu. Therefore, do not neglect the health of children. It is a good idea to buy and keep a thermometer and oximeter at home. This will help to get treatment before the oxygen level reaches risk.

Above all it is very important to maintain public health for all as children and adults. Washing the hands with soap from time to time and wearing a mask outside can help prevent the spread of corona!


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