Jealousy between children Ways to deal with it!

If I had not only had a brother / sister, I would have got everything in my life.

It is normal for the first child to be jealous when the second child is born. It is doubtful whether there will be a first child in the world who does not kill jealousy when the second child is born. It is up to the parents to correct this jealousy a little bit.

The children will just ask for Thampi Papa and Thangachip Papa. But only after the baby is born will they realize that they have lost their importance. It can hurt their minds. It’s up to the day that the little ones will be upset that the newborn baby is cuddling.

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This jealous thought can only go away from the mind of the first child if the first child is prepared before the second child is born.

It is a little easier to deal with if the second child is going to be born before the first child is two years old. When there is a second child in the mother’s womb you have to make them mentally responsible by saying word for word that you are big sister, big brother.

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The first child should be celebrated as the greatest hero before the second child. Do not raise the child by saying that you have to take care of everything yourself.

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The first child should be told how important it is to the family. The first child should not be neglected for the second child for any reason.

The first child should be encouraged to help the toddler. It should only be helpful. The tone of authority should not be to buy work. Encouraging such help will increase the bond between the two children.

When giving more importance to the second child. The first child will definitely be tested to see if it matters to him. We need to understand this and make it clear that both are important.

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Do not leave another child alone for one reason. If the mother is with the second child the father should spend time with the first child.

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Let the two children be together. Then he opens his mouth like you and tries to walk. He does the same as you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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