Just a stomach test to get rid of the scary black fungus.


Eye of a black fungus infected person in Hosur, surgically removed!

Doctors say that if the black fungus is detected early and treated properly, there is no harm. Blood sugar levels should be kept under control. Often you just need to get your stomach sugar tested.

Just a stomach test to get rid of the scary black fungus.

Precautionary measures

Wear a mask even if you are suffering from and recovering from corona பயன்படுத்த Use steroid medications in moderation. This type 2 infection can occur if taken in excess. Antibiotics should not be used unnecessarily or in excess. To control the misuse of steroids, keep the environment clean and wash your hands frequently.

People suffering from co-morbidities, including cancer, kidney and diabetes, already have low immunity. They need intensive treatment for corona infection. Similarly, those without comorbidities also suffer from severe infections. They are treated with oxygen and some with artificial respiration (ventilator) as they have severe lung damage.

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They are given high oxygen and steroid medications to save their lives. This weakens their immune system and makes them more susceptible to ‘black fungus’ after recovering from infection.

This ‘black fungus’ disease can occur in any part of the body. The fungus can even erode bones. In particular, those who recover from a severe corona infection develop fungal infections of the face as well as under the nose, mouth, and eyes. If this is not noticed, the fungus will erode into the eyes and cause vision loss. If the eye is not taken, the fungus will go to the brain. It can affect the brain and cause death.

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Therefore, those who have recovered from a severe corona infection should seek immediate medical attention if they have any symptoms such as severe headache, pain in the eyes, swelling in the eyes, redness of the eyes, sudden loss of vision, sinus problem, pain in the nose, and blackening of the area around the mouth. In particular, diabetics who have recovered from corona should control their sugar levels. Often you just need to get your stomach sugar tested.


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