Kidney is spoiled and erotic symptoms – Stay tuned as soon as you read!


Kidney is spoiled and erotic symptoms - Stay tuned as soon as you read!

Swelling in legs and feet

When the function of the kidneys deteriorates, the feet and hands begin to swell. Water stagnation is the formation of a balance of sodium levels without the release of toxins from the body. Thus the toxic water that has to be expelled stays in the ankles and hands causing swelling.

Kidney is spoiled and erotic symptoms - Stay tuned as soon as you read!

Allergies, stomach upset

There are many causes for abdominal pain. So even though abdominal pain is not comparable to this, nausea and vomiting with abdominal pain is one of the symptoms of waste products in the blood. This is what causes allergies. This can lead to weight loss without being able to eat properly.

Swollen eyes

They cause swelling around the eyes as the urine spreads throughout the body without being able to filter the protein. The face also experiences swelling. Only the face can feel swollen as you lose weight. Especially around the eyes. A blood test can test the level of globulin in the urine.

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Frequent urination at night

Frequent urination when the kidneys fail to function. Will be even lighter in color. They can also be drip. Be aware of the risk of urinating 4 to 10 times, especially at night.

Foamy urine

Occasionally there is a foaming sensation when urinating fast but always more foam or bubble means more protein is excreted.

When urinating, the urine in the bladder must be completely expelled. But even when the kidneys are excreted when this vulnerability is present they may not be fully excreted. The kidneys can cause nausea and / or vomiting. Will be fine when pressed out. Will be feeling the same again.

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Itching of the skin

Naturally, the kidneys work to flush out wastes from the blood in the body. But when the kidneys fail, excess toxins accumulate in the blood. Showing its effect on the skin. May cause excessive itching on the skin. It will not be normal and will continue to cause excessive itching.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure affects the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the nephrons by putting pressure on the inner walls of these blood vessels. As fat builds up in the blood vessels, their upper part thickens. The effect is blockage of blood vessels.

This prevents the blood from flowing to the kidneys. At some point the blood stops flowing completely and the kidney loses its function completely. The only solution is dialysis or kidney transplant surgery. In addition, damaged kidneys can cause a variety of damage to the body’s function as a result of increased blood pressure.

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Bleeding in the urine is a sign of kidney stones. So it is a good idea to see a doctor immediately if you notice red, pink and brown colors in your urine. Severe pain in the back, abdomen, and sides, and narrowing of the urethra, causing severe pain in the kidneys.


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