Let your heart run for another hundred years and let go of desire over these six foods


For a man to survive, the blood flow in his body must be regular. The organ that controls that blood flow is the heart. Excess body fat is a major cause of heart disease. It causes heart damage as it increases in the blood and slows down the flow of blood in the blood vessels leading to the heart. Eating more foods rich in fat, utalulaippillamal its existence, the stress is the main cause of heart damage.

Let your heart run for another hundred years and let go of desire over these six foods
heart attack

If you have high cholesterol it is good for your heart to avoid the desire of these six foods completely.

Foods That Cause Heart Attack:


It is better to avoid eating as it is high in fat. Cholesterol is very high in the liver so you can eat fish instead.

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Although popcorn is said to be a healthy snack, it should be avoided by those with high cholesterol. This is because mica-baked popcorn may contain too much oil or butter. And the chemicals that are added for taste are not good for the body.


This will reduce the amount of good cholesterol in your body. On an average, if you are a woman, you can use only 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, if you have 6 teaspoons of male. It is important to stop drinking pocket-sized soft drinks.

Not only are the chemicals added to it harmful to the body, but it is also good for people with high cholesterol to avoid it altogether as it can be sweetened and high in sugar.

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It is better to avoid this which is added for flavor in butter dishes. Do not use it as it contains excess fat. Cholesterol is also high in animal foods such as milk and dairy products. One cup of yogurt contains about 35 grams of cholesterol. Ice creams that everyone loves to eat are good for those with high cholesterol.

5. Potatoes:

Although potatoes are everyone’s favorite food, they should not be taken in any way as they increase the level of bad cholesterol.

6.Egg yolk:

People with high cholesterol are advised to avoid eating only egg yolks. Similarly, it is better to avoid fast food like pizza and burger once a week without thinking about what you are going to do.

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So people with high cholesterol can only protect their heart if they change their diet and exercise. Cholesterol triglyceride is a lipid, which is a type of fat, which is found in whole grains and vegetables.


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