Look at the color of your urine and find out what disease you have



We can find out what disease has hit us by the color of our urine. Let’s look at them

Clear visibility

If your urine is clear, it indicates that you are well hydrated. However sometimes, it will also tell you that you are drinking too much water. . Thus diluting the salts in the body and causing harm to the body.

Colorless urine

If the urine is clear and colorless, it may be a sign of diabetes. Other symptoms include excessive thirst and frequent urination. .

From pale straw to honey color

If the urine straw is yellow it means that the urine is healthy. But if the color of the urine changes to dark, it means that the fluid is decreasing. Thus you will have to drink more water.


If there is something wrong with the body, the urine will turn brown. People with lung disease may have brown urine. If your lungs are not functioning properly, the bile salts that need to be excreted through the stool will be excreted through the urine. This is because they are concentrated in the blood. An example of this is pneumonia, also known as hepatitis. So it is better to approach your doctor.

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Pink to red

Urine turns red when there is blood in the urine. This is called hemechuria. Red is usually the color of warning. Urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, bleeding due to kidney, prostate or bladder cancer, and red urine. This condition can cause pain when urinating. It will be difficult to urinate at such a time. Even with certain foods you eat, your urine will turn red or pink. So you have to stop and look at it first.


This rare condition is called porphyria. It is a hereditary enzyme level. It changes the color of one’s urine to blue or purple. However, blue urine may be present in the urine. It can also be caused by eating certain foods and medicines that contain dyes. This is how urine color changes when you take pills like Triamteren or Viagra.

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If there is pus in the urine, the urine may come out green. The main reason for that is kidney tract infections. It can also be caused by foods such as water droplets. After eating these, there is a feeling of urination. Even taking certain medications such as anti-biotics can cause the urine to turn green

Foamy urine

This can happen even if the protein is excreted in the urine. It may be a kidney or gallbladder problem. So this situation needs to be further explored. If this happens regularly, consult your doctor.

Milky urine

Some people may have milky urine. It can also be caused by a urinary tract infection, gallbladder infection or kidney stones. Even sexually transmitted diseases, such as measles, can change the color of your urine.

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Chemicals and other health problems can cause black urine to come out. If so, see your doctor right away.


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