Mental health problems can happen to children too Important signs to know!

Many people think that mental health problem can only come to adults. In fact mental health is just like physical health can happen anytime. Studies show that 12% of children in India have behavioral problems. The shocking news is that 95 percent of these children do not have access to proper medical and psychiatric care.

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Depression, stress, and inattentive hyperactivity are just some of the mental health problems that can affect children. Psychiatrists say that parents can identify if a child has a mental problem by having certain symptoms that they say and express.

Frequent headaches, stomach aches to see what the child says. When stress increases it can cause problems including insomnia, abdominal pain, and inattention. If children often say abdominal pain and headache, ignore it and see what the problem is.

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If a child expresses excessive fear and crying, it may be due to stress, anger, sadness, embarrassment, or resentment. If these things continue, it will hurt them mentally. Therefore, it is better to solve the problem in childhood.

Speech impairment is also a symptom of non-cooperation. If we say something and refuse to do it without listening to it and disobeying it, we should try to find the root cause for it if there is a new reason to refuse to do it. If this is not possible, seek the advice of a psychiatrist.

It remains to be seen why this is so if there is a sudden drop in marks in subjects and a decrease in interest in the study. It can be a sign of stress and tension. So talk to them and find out what they are worried about and what they are afraid of and try to fix it.

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It should be noted if there is a sudden reduction in eating, saying that there is no hunger when asked, or overeating. The solution is to look at it from a mental health perspective, not just a physical one!

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