Moms! Some cross ways to eat a baby who refuses to eat


Moms! Some cross ways to eat a baby who refuses to eat

The biggest challenge for moms at home is getting the kids to eat and not wanting any response from the kids even if they make fresh recipes all the way. There are many psychological reasons why children like to eat. Some ways to fix them.

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Even well-meaning children can say or do something that stays with us for decades.

Keep your meal time happy and without tension. Realize in advance that your child will flirt. Eat maybe something to eat as a family. Interest in food will increase if they see others eating. Avoid watching TV or using the phone while eating. Share the virtues of the food you eat. Chop vegetables, fruits and greens to attract them. Do all this and increase their interest in food.

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For children who like to eat spinach, wedges and lots of vegetables, cut the vegetables into different shapes and serve them. Make veggie pizza chapati. Hide the vegetables in the middle of the rolled chapati. Give different names to the dishes. All this will change the focus on the coyote and help feed the eager

Babies often get a feeling of fullness in the stomach by eating unwanted junk food. Thus refusing to eat food. Therefore care should be taken not to focus on the side of the snack.

Children need to realize when they are hungry and feed them accordingly. Hungry eater will eat fully if fed on time.

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If children hate their favorite food there are many reasons for that. Even if there is any upset in the stomach, it may be difficult to eat the food. So we need to find the reason for that

Always show them the same kind of love. Do not talk while feeding. Because it will take a long time to extend that caring time.

All the family members sit down together and eat. Feed the children by telling small things or stories from time to time to make them interested in the food.


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