More mutated new corona virus is coming … Scientists warn!


The corona virus, which transforms into the United Kingdom, South Africa and India, is at risk. Modern vaccine scientists fear that the corona virus, which is causing even worse damage in this environment, is about to come out.

More mutated new corona virus is coming ... Scientists warn!
More mutated new corona virus is coming ... Scientists warn!

China’s outbreak of the corona virus spread so rapidly that it claimed lives around the world. The death toll during the first wave in India was not large. However, the second wave of deaths due to the mutated corona virus increased. The death toll increased to the point of waiting too long to burn corpses in the crematorium.

The corona virus is not affected by the vaccine. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. At the same time all existing vaccines are effective against corona spread during the first wave. Doubts have been raised as to how effective these will be against the mutated corona virus. Scientists say that all corona viruses are the same. It has only achieved metamorphosis. Therefore, vaccination can prevent this, they said.

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In this case, the scientists of the famous corona vaccine manufacturer Moderna are shocked that many more corona viruses are more likely to spread around the world. “Corona virus spreads rapidly and transforms very quickly,” said Melissa More, chief science officer at Moderna. The newly diagnosed variant of the corona virus is still spreading much faster than it currently is. We have found that the existing vaccines are a little harder to control against this variant of the virus. ”

He added, “We are constantly reviewing corona mutations and making changes to the vaccine to work against them. New types of viruses keep coming. They can make an impact soon. ”

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