New vulnerability following black fungus … Pediatricians warn


Corona infection is one of the most devastating diseases. Dark fungal infections are becoming the biggest threat to survivors of Corona’s brutal attack. Pediatricians have warned that children overcoming this condition are more likely to develop Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C).

New vulnerability following black fungus ... Pediatricians warn
New vulnerability following black fungus ... Pediatricians warn

Yogesh Kumar Gupta, a pediatrician at Fortis Healthcare Hospital, said: It affects the internal organs of children such as heart, liver and kidneys. It occurs four to six weeks after the onset of corona infection. ”

Our body builds immunity against corona infection. This is what affects children. Corona is less likely to occur more severely in children. They have mild and moderate side effects of mild and moderate. Pediatricians report that our body’s resistance to corona, which develops after the corona arrives, is now becoming vulnerable.

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Doctors fear that the problem of Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) may come after the corona peaks and begins to decline. Therefore, it is important to keep babies safe for a few months after the corona arrives. Doctors warn them to show them to pediatricians and get the advice they need. Do not take this as panic. It is said to be a precaution. Not just children but everyone can avoid harm by being vigilant.


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