Noise in the ear for 2 years மருத்துவர்கள் Doctors who gave life to a young man who lost sleep!


A young man had been suffering from ringing in his ears for two years. Doctors in Chennai have found out what the problem is and treated him.

Commenting on this, Dr. K. Sridhar, Chairman and Director, Team, Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders, MGM Healthcare Hospital, Chennai, said, “Since 2019, this young man has been hearing something in his ear. There is no experiment that he has not seen and no remedy that he has not done. But there is no solution for him alone.

Thus making sleep worse. The young man was exposed to an environment where he could not even live everyday life. The planned higher education also became unreadable. The doctors finally showed up to go to our hospital.

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We examined him. Sophisticated MRI tested. But even we could not figure out what was causing the problem and why he was hearing noise in his ear. We kept thinking about how to solve this problem which was very challenging. On further examination we found that one of the blood vessels leading to the brain was passing near the cochlear vein of the ear, and that the cochlear vein of the ear was stimulated by the arterial blood vessel and heard noise.

He was treated with microvascular decompression of the cochlear nerve. The most accurate microsurgery was performed with the utmost magnification. In this, the artery that was causing the problem was moved closer to the auditory nerve.

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This is a very complicated surgery. It affects less than 50 people worldwide. He is the first person in India. If the surgery is not performed accurately either he will go deaf, or many parts of the face may become paralyzed due to damage to the facial nerves. However the surgery was performed very accurately. In this, the uncomfortable noise he had been hearing until today disappeared. ”

The young man had tinnitus. This treatment has been given to very few people in the world. Doctors say this young man is the first person in India.


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