Palace Remedies for Joint Pain, Overnight Running Remedies That Prevent Us From Running.


As you age, you may be exposed to a variety of health problems. Joint pain is a major problem in old age. As we age, the amount of calcium in our bones decreases and we get more joint problems.

But now those who work while sitting also get joint pains. If such frequent joint pain occurs, it should be resolved immediately, without thinking of it as normal.

Otherwise, it can have serious consequences over the course of the day. For that, he did not immediately approach the doctor and tell him to buy pills and eat them. Let me treat you with lamp oil, one of the palace remedies used by kings in the past

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Immune inflammatory nature

Lantern oil is high in anti-inflammatory properties. So if you massage the joints with this, they will heal the swelling and injuries in the joints.

Boosting the immune system

Lantern stimulates the production of antibodies in the immune system. Thus if you massage the joints with this oil, they will be inhaled and give an immediate solution to fight the germs that cause inflammation in the muscles and joints.

Joint Pain

If the joint pain is severe, warm the lamp oil, rub it on the joints and massage for a while, then apply a hot compress for immediate relief. And if you continue to do this for two weeks, the joint pain will not be a problem.

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Hinge argument

At night, soak the lamp in cotton wool, rub it on the sore spot, soak it overnight, then soak it in hot water and squeeze the cloth and massage it on the affected area. If this is done daily at night, the arthritis will heal in a day.

Good for skin problems

If acne, warts or any yeast infections occur on the skin, soak the lamp in cotton wool, apply on the skin, soak for 1 hour and then wash off. If you do this 2 times a day, you will soon see good results. Especially with this action the skin becomes radiant.

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For immediate relief from constipation, add 1-2 drops of buttermilk in 1/2 tsp warm milk and drink on an empty stomach in the early morning. By doing this, the constipation will disappear immediately and all the germs that have been staying in the stomach for so many days will be expelled.


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