Periods that come in advance for the pins! – What is the reason என்ன What is the way to postpone?

It was normal for girls to bloom between the ages of 14 and 15. It has changed little by little and has become a habit of flowering even at the age of 8, 10 years. Infertility in children at an early age can cause anxiety, pain and suffering for both parents and the child.

Flowering can occur in both males and females. This is obvious as women are menstruating. The boys don’t know it and don’t worry about it.

The flowering period known as Puperti causes various changes in the body of the boy and girl. Their bones and muscles grow faster. They are caused by variation in body composition. The voice box for boys breaks down and the voice becomes as thick as it is for men. The body of both the boy and the girl is getting ready for reproduction.

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The exact reasons why flowering occurs so quickly have not been identified. However, doctors say that flowering can happen quickly due to the food we eat, the environment, the hormonal changes in the body, the brain tumor, and the head injury.

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Girls begin to grow hair on the genital area and armpits. The breast will start enlarging. Height will increase abruptly. There will be a change in the body structure. There will be variation in body odor. Knowing these symptoms means that soon the little girl is coming of age.

The girls should be taken immediately to a gynecologist and gynecologist for advice on endocrinology. They will do some testing and find out if there is any problem.

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They usually say that their physical development will stop when they come of age. Therefore, there is no need to prevent flowering if they have reached normal growth. Their menstruation can be postponed if they bloom. Doctors say this can make stunted growth available again.

At the same time children need to be taught what flowering is. You have to prepare them mentally. Many girls are shocked to see bleeding in the genitals. You need to prepare them to avoid this. It should be noted that this is as normal as feces and urine.

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Premature flowering at a young age is due to diet and lifestyle change. Hormonal imbalances are caused by the problem of obesity in girls. So, let the kids play.

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Take natural foods. Hotel meals should be avoided. Do not rely solely on milk for calcium. The answer is to eat more vegetables, fruits and greens. Making lifestyle changes like these will increase your chances of blooming at the right age!

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