Precautionary measures to make the third wave of the Corona disappear


Precautionary measures to make the third wave of the Corona disappear

The corona virus started spreading in India in February and March last year. More than one crore people were affected. More than a million people died. Currently the 2nd wave of Corona virus is spreading rapidly in India. A vaccine to control corona has now been discovered and is being used by the public.

Infections caused by corona virus in ear, nose and throat

Precautionary measures

The corona patient needs oxygen help to breathe. However, precautionary measures can be taken to prevent the spread of infection. To boost immunity, spray mistletoe and turmeric water around the house. Rinse your mouth with rock salt over medium heat every morning.

Drink hot water 2 times a day to prevent dry throat. Add mistletoe, noci leaves and turmeric to catch the steam for daily breathing. Water mixed with turmeric, mistletoe, cactus and alum can be used for hand washing. In the morning add peeled ginger, lemon peel with pepper and drink distilled honey.

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Drink Sukku and coriander mixed with honey daily in the evening. Drink turmeric and pepper in hot milk at night. Eat zucchini, cantaloupe, sorghum, taro, cardamom, horsetail, neem flower and angelica juice. Eat fruits including gooseberry, cinnamon, papaya, orange and nutmeg daily to boost immunity.

Allergy, asthma, sinus patients, the elderly should avoid radish, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, and foods such as lemon, yogurt, pomegranate, grapes. Chickpeas, almonds and groundnuts can be eaten fried. The body should be exposed to the sun daily between 10 am and 4 pm.

This way we can protect ourselves from the spread of infection. A variety of prescriptions are mentioned in Siddhartha’s manuscripts for diseases related to kapam. Accordingly, paranormal drugs are currently being prescribed to corona patients. Corona patients are divided into 4 types as asymptomatic, moderately affected, normal-affected and severely affected.

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Of these, only paranoid drugs are sufficient to cure the infection in mild and moderately affected people. Other categories recover quickly when English medicine, along with paranormal medicine, is available.

Steam trapping mechanisms

Regular breathing in the morning and evening can provide relief from corona virus infection. For this, boil rock salt, turmeric powder, mistletoe, noci leaf, basil leaf and omavalli leaf well in clean water and steam for 3 minutes in the mouth and nose. Then, inhale and exhale the air. In doing so, the occasional infectious virus will be destroyed.


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