Read this and keep smiling even at someone of yours.


Read this and keep smiling even at someone of yours.

Anger is a deadly beast; It will destroy the breeders themselves. Anger is like a storm and it is only after it has subsided that one realizes how much damage has been done.

Read this, and keep smiling at someone of yours.

We have listed what kind of problems can occur in the body due to anger. Read it and decide whether or not to get angry anymore.

mental stress

The more anger comes, the more stress. Excessive stress can lead to problems such as diabetes, autism, and high blood pressure.

heart disease

Anger can cause great damage to the heart, such as palpitations and excessive heart rate. Sometimes they can even have a very dangerous effect on the heart.

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When we get angry, then the hormones in the body are active. Thus even proper sleep does not come. And when the body does not get the rest it needs, diseases can easily attack the body. Sometimes insomnia can even drive someone crazy.

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high blood pressure

Although high blood pressure can occur for many reasons, anger is one of them. And when it comes to anger, blood pressure in the body immediately rises to an all-time high. When it increases so immediately, the heart will be greatly affected.

Respiratory disorder

People with asthma, a respiratory disorder, cannot breathe properly when angry. So people with asthma, don’t get too angry. Otherwise it can cause suffocation and endanger life.


When anger comes, the blood pressure rises so much that when the blood vessel to the brain pumps a large amount of blood to the brain, a kind of pressure builds up in the brain, causing headaches. So to reduce the headache that comes during anger, it is better to calm down immediately.

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Heart attack

Usually a person has a heart attack due to excessive emotion, surprise or anger. Most of these people suffer from heart attack due to anger. That’s why doctors say don’t tell heart patients any overly happy thing or anything that makes them angry.

Brain argument

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the brain. The main reason for the rupture of blood vessels like this is anger. Because of anger, blood pressure is so high that they can sometimes burst the blood vessels and take away life. So don’t always get overly angry.

When anger comes we need to notice our breath going in and out to prevent it immediately. This is called Vipassana. The middle fingers of both hands can be pressed. You can walk and exercise. Drink cold water immediately. Psychiatrists say that anger can go away if we bring the faces of people we consider important to life to our minds for a second. Can reduce anger. When others are angry at us we can move away from that place regardless of that anger.

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