Remember killing the corona, do you know what the vapor phase is?


Remember killing the corona, do you know what the vapor phase is?

Experts advise that vapor trapping reduces respiratory problems, nasal infections, and airway problems. But they say it will not help eradicate the deadly corona virus.

Some experts say it would not be a good idea to inhale too much hot steam because our lungs are soft.

Will steam catching drive away the corona?  - What is the truth?

It is said to cause damage to the lungs and airways. But a few experts say this method can help correct the symptoms of a respiratory problem.

They make it clear that some people get burns by catching steam. And some experts suggest avoiding the use of this vapor trapping method to cure the corona virus.

Some people inhale smoke in the name of catching the spirit in public. Doctors say those who do so immediately will suffer lung damage. People are advised not to make that mistake. Because doctors say it can spread to 400 people through someone with a corona infection

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A person infected with the corona virus is at risk of transmitting the covid-19 infection to others through an aerosol solution released when they catch steam in the presence of other non-infected families.

They warn that this method is not used to kill the virus and that we must be careful when handling excessively hot water.

Although this vapor trapping method is not used to cure corona, it can be a relief for those with corona infection. This method helps to correct the discomfort in the nasal passages.

It is a remedy for sinus problems and helps to cure it easily.


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