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Sapota is one of the sweetest fruits. That is why sapodilla is one of the first fruits that diabetics should not consume. Mango, jackfruit sample high-calorie fruit sapodilla.

Sapota that gives skin radiance!

100 grams of sapodilla contains 83 calories. It is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Sapota acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial in the body. It is rich in nutrients such as potassium, sodium, copper, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

Sapota that gives skin radiance!

Sappho is high in glucose. It is absorbed immediately after eating and mixes with the blood. Thus, the body gets instant energy. So, take sapodilla while doing more work out. Children, adolescents and pregnant women who need more energy can take it a little.

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Vitamin C in it acts as an excellent antioxidant and enhances the body’s immune system. The polyphenols in it enhance immunity. It is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral. Therefore, reducing the chance of infection.

It contains nutrients including Vitamin C which helps in improving the radiance of the skin. Vitamin E in it helps to retain the moisture needed by the skin and brightens the skin. Its antioxidants help to delay aging. It treats inflammation of the skin.

It supports the growth of hair as well as the skin. The oil extracted from sapodilla seeds stimulates hair growth.

It is high in fiber which helps maintain the health of the stomach and digestive tract. It contains a chemical called tannin which balances the secretion of acids in the stomach. It also acts as an excellent laxative. Thus the problem of constipation goes away. Helps to reduce the risk of infections in the small intestine.

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Sapota is rich in calcium. Also contains phosphorus and iron. All of these improve bone health and stability. Stimulates the growth of bone cells at a young age.


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