Side Effect in Corona Mild Affected People … Shock Research Information!


Studies show that people with severe coronary heart disease have different side effects. The researchers said the damage was done to the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes and brain. In this case, one study found that one in 10 people with mild to moderate levels had long-term side effects.

Mild corona was diagnosed in infected people eight months later. Researchers have found that it can have a huge impact on one in 10 people. The study was published in the medical journal JAMA.

The Swedish researchers who conducted the study said, “The purpose of our study was to find out how patients’ immune systems develop after the onset of corona. To this end, we conducted a study of young people with mild corona. Many have short-term side effects, such as a loss of taste and smell. After that, they reported frequent tiredness and respiratory problems.

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We obtained and tested blood samples from a total of 2149 people. Of these, only 19 percent were found to have Govt 19 anti-body.

Blood tests were performed twice a month, four months after the onset of the corona infection. A study conducted on them revealed that they had suffered from other types of health problems and as a result their quality of life had declined to an unprecedented level. At eight months of age, they reported a decline in sense of smell and taste, and frequent fatigue and respiratory problems. They also said that studies are ongoing as vaccinations are currently being given.

So far, researchers have found that people who recover from a severe corona infection have side effects that last for months. But researchers say that even people with mild and moderate infections now have side effects.

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