Side Effect of Corona Healing – Shocking Research


Everyone knows that the corona virus has been spreading around the world since last year and has claimed the lives of millions of people.

Health experts say there is evidence of a high incidence of brain and mental disorders among survivors of the corona virus. Last year, 20% of corona survivors were diagnosed with a mental illness within three months.

17% of people who are cured of corona have high anxiety and 14% of people with mental disorders.

However, of those admitted for intensive care with severe coronavirus, 7% had a stroke within six months, and approximately 2% had geriatric disease.

Medical experts said the results were worrying.

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“There is no doubt that the corona virus affects both the brain and the mind equally,” said Simon Wesley, head of psychiatry at King’s College London.

“The impact of the corona virus on the mental health of individuals will be severe,” said Leah Milligan, chief executive of the MQ mental health research charity.


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