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If you are not feeling well, many people buy and give you juice to drink. 100 grams of fat contains 45 calories, 35 milligrams of vitamin C, 90.2 micro grams of vitamin A and 41.64 grams of fiber.

So many benefits in Sathukkudi !!!

It is high in Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immune system. Protects us from the common cold and flu. Stimulates blood flow and helps keep us healthy. Prevents problems including scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency.

So many benefits in Sathukkudi !!!

High in fiber eliminates constipation and digestive disorders. Sattukudi juice stimulates the salivary glands in our mouth and facilitates digestion. It is high in potassium which helps in recovering from diarrhea.

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Drinking Sathukkudi juice in summer will make the body get the water it needs. The vitamins and minerals in it protect the body from the effects of dehydration.

It contains Vitamin A, Antioxidant, Antibacterial Molecules which help in eyesight, skin and hair health. Prevents many problems such as eye infections and dandruff on the head.

The antioxidants and phytochemicals present in the plant expel toxins and metabolic wastes from the blood and keep the blood clean.

People who want to lose weight can take Sattukudi juice as it is very low in calories. Or eat fruit. Eating honey mixed with Sathukkudi juice will help the body expend the extra calories.

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