Some elements that make your element shine like gold.


Many skin problems appear to us this summer. Let’s look at ways to cure those skin problems with simple home remedies without going to the doctor.


Easily available sandalwood has the property of brightening and cooling our skin. It is very suitable for correcting irregular skin color, blemishes etc. It helps in removing the dark spots caused by sunlight and healing the sores caused by sun exposure.

Musk yellow

Everyone knows turmeric has anti-bacterial properties. It is also effective in removing yellow pimples and pimple scars. It improves the overall skin health and at the same time adds radiance to the skin. The main difference between regular yellow and musk yellow is that musk yellow does not cause yellowing of the skin like regular yellow.

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Rose petal powder

The use of roses for beauty has been very popular in many parts of the world for centuries. This powder instantly refreshes us, cools and brightens the skin. Its anti-oxidants fight free radicals in the body and prevent premature aging of the skin.


It is a multi-purpose gel. Aloe vera is good for the skin and can heal even small cuts or sores. . Works well even on sensitive skin that is easily reddened and has cooling and irritating properties.


Mistletoe, a medicinal herb, is an excellent herb to fight pimples. Its cleansing and anti-fungal properties are good for the skin. You can also use mistletoe oil or powder on acne prone areas and pimples.

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