Some signs that the corona has come and gone!


Many people think that corona virus infection is a symptom of fever, sore throat and shortness of breath. Beyond this the corona will exhibit many symptoms. We do not know if it is corona infection due to lack of fever and sore throat. Scientists are concerned that this could increase the chances of the corona spreading to others by going outside.


The question may arise as to why this occurs. They may be vaccinated for this, and they may not develop an antibody in the body and cause the greatest harm. But researchers say they may have a virus pulse within them.

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Let’s look at what are the other symptoms that emerge unlike the common symptoms that occur during a corona infection.

People with corona infection may have a sore throat and cough due to it. But for some, a normal cough may be like a dry cough for smokers. So that they could not know that it was a corona.

Some people have red eyes. This is seen as a secondary symptom of corona. But they do not have any other symptoms like fever. Thus they will be indifferent to the assumption that the eye is reddened by a problem like insomnia.

Some people may suddenly have excessive hair loss. So they get confused that hair loss is high. Researchers also say that sudden and excessive hair loss may be a sign of corona. Patients reported that many of those who recovered from the corona infection had excessive hair loss for a few months.

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A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that half of people with coronavirus had stomach problems. There have been problems such as indigestion and diarrhea. But, not like the flu. Care should be taken if the stomach related problem persists.

Coronary heart disease can also be caused by a lack of memory and often being stunned. It is a good idea to get tested if you have extreme fatigue.

The corona attacks every organ in the body. So, do not be indifferent if you have an unusual health problem. Getting medical advice, getting a corona test, and getting vaccinated can all reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, not just us.

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