Soy is high in protein, the equivalent of non-vegetarian!


Although vegetarians are high in protein, vegetarians are more likely to be protein deficient. We ignore lentils and other legumes because we do not know which ones are high in protein and do not understand why protein is essential.

Soy is high in protein, the equivalent of non-vegetarian!
Soy is high in protein, the equivalent of non-vegetarian!

In fact, soy contains more protein than the lentils and lentils we use. Studies show that if 100 grams of legumes we normally use contain 20 grams of protein, then dried soy contains 36 to 56 percent protein by weight.

Rich in protein, nutrients including carbohydrates, fiber, fat, vitamin K1, folate, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and mineral salts.

The micronutrients isoflavones and lunasin in soybeans destroy cancer cells and reduce the risk of cancer. Women who regularly use soy beans are less likely to develop breast cancer.

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Soy has the ability to reduce body weight. It also lowers bad fats in the body. It is high in omega 6 fatty acids which reduce bad fats and increase good fats. Heart health is protected.

The fiber and protein in it improves the performance of the muscles and improves the ability of the muscles and blood vessels to return to their old state. Due to this the blood pressure helps to stay under control.

Soybeans can be germinated and cooked and eaten to get the estrogen and vitamin E the body needs.

Soy is high in calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium and zinc. These prevent bone loss and increase the density of bone mineral salts. This reduces the risk of complications, including osteoporosis.

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Men should not take this too much as it is high in estrogen. Women especially women after menopause are advised to take this.


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