Start this exercise so that the third wave does not touch the corona lungs.


Start this exercise so that the third wave does not touch the corona lungs.

We are in a position to do some breathing exercises as no drugs have yet been officially announced as “this is the cure” for the corona virus.

Infections caused by corona virus in ear, nose and throat

The microbe that keeps the whole world tied up inside the house! We need to focus on some breathing exercises during this time as we are currently focusing on social exclusion and isolating ourselves from others to escape the impact of this that can easily spread from one person to another and cause infection.

Breathing exercises are usually done to improve lung function. While doing this exercise it offers many benefits such as maintaining the health of stem cells, increasing the regeneration of new tissue, boosting immunity against various types of pathogens, and relaxing the mind and body.

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Doctors say that 90 percent of patients suffer from lung damage due to corona virus infection. Of these, 10-12 percent may develop pneumonia or pneumonia, in which the alveoli and small air sacs in our lungs become inflamed.

Holding for more than 10 seconds without coughing or discomfort indicates good lung function and reduced risk of COVID-19. According to the doctor, those who are admitted to the hospital and people who use oxygen at home, breathing exercises can help reduce the need for oxygen. And helps keep their lungs healthy.

Sit up straight while breathing. Keep your hands on your thighs. Now open your mouth and inhale as much air as you can to fill your chest to the maximum. Then, close the lips tightly. Try to hold your breath as much as you can. Notice how much time you have.

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You can practice breathing exercises as often as once an hour. It is safe to breathe for more than 25 seconds. Remember not to try too hard to catch your breath.


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