Surana, which kills the corona in the throat, preventing it from entering the lungs.


Surana, which kills the corona in the throat, preventing it from entering the lungs.

Trincomalee is a mixture of Sukku, Pepper and Thippali. Sukku in general will give good digestive power. It is used primarily in medicines for indigestion. It can be used as a medicine for sore throat, sore throat and sore throat. Lightly fry the pepper and chew it with two peppercorns and the sore throat will go away. People with colds and flu can see a good change if they eat roasted chillies dipped in honey. The pepper used as a poison break can stick to the head.

How to strengthen the immune system easily and naturally?

It cures whooping cough, gastritis, sore throat and sore throat. Cures ear and nose related ailments. Increases immunity in the body.

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The use of thrips can be a cure for many ailments. Honey is used to treat various ailments such as typhoid fever, bloating, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, digestive problems, neck ailments, skin diseases, coughs, colds and diabetes.

Solves lung and gastrointestinal problems. Eliminates chest colds and colds.

Trikadugam exploitation-making method

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Lightly fry the peppers. The thippili should be well dried. Let it fry lightly too. First add the crushed chukka to the mix and grind. Then add pepper, dill and grind the core.

Grind leaving space without grinding all at once. Otherwise the core will not halve. Will stick to the jar. Then rub it with a white cloth. Grind again and again until the core halves. Then cool and store in a glass bottle. These can be kept and used for up to six months.

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Adults should be given one teaspoon in small teaspoons and small ones in half teaspoons. Dip in warm water or honey and eat. Deficiency of this extract can also lead to headaches.


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