The best remedy is to go to the test as soon as the baby has the flu.


Handle curry leaves, a little pepper ... to drive away the fever!

10 home remedies to reduce fever in baby.

# 1. Moist cloth on forehead

Dip a cotton swab into the baby’s forehead, squeeze it and fold it over the forehead to reduce the fever. The wet cloth on the body can also be postponed. Thus the fever will subside quickly. The baby should be bathed in lukewarm water. Do not bathe the baby in ordinary water.

The best remedy is to go to the test as soon as the baby has the flu.

# 2. Breast milk is the best medicine

Give the baby liquid food. It is better to breastfeed a 0-6 month old baby. Babies over 6 months can be breastfed, given clean water and fruit juice. Saline drops can be put in the baby’s nose if prescribed by a doctor.

# 3. Onion treatment

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Know the onion and keep it on the baby’s soles for 2 minutes. This treatment can be done twice a day. Children over one year of age can be given 2 teaspoons of onion juice. Thus reducing fever.

# 4. Ginger bath

Put 2 tablespoons of ginger powder in a warm tub of baby bath water and keep the baby in that water for 10 minutes.

# 5. Lemon honey

Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey with 4 drops of ginger juice and give it to the baby to drink. Remedies for children over one year of age.

# 6. dry grapes

Soak 25 raisins in half a cup of water for an hour. When well soaked, the grapes become crispy. Then squeeze it, grind it, filter it, take the juice and mix a little bit of lemon juice with it and give it to the baby. Give twice a day. This is a medical procedure for children aged 8+ months.

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# 7. Single water

Put two tumblers of water in the oven and add one teaspoon of ground sesame seeds. Once it boils well and is half-boiled, it can be filtered, blackened and given to the baby to drink warm. This is a medical procedure for children aged 8+ months.

# 8. Basil water

Make basil water and give it to your baby. Can be given once in two hours.

# 9. Dill water

Soak 2 tbsp dill overnight in 2 cups water. The next day the water should be chipped frequently throughout the day and drunk.

# 10. Sleep is also medicine

The work of destroying the germs that cause fever in the body is going on in the body. Rest well during this time. Need to sleep well. This is the medicine that will cure the fever quickly.


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