The child can get rid of sore throat, headache, chest cold and runny nose in three minutes.


The child can get rid of sore throat, headache, chest cold and runny nose in three minutes.

Simple Natural Medicinal Tips That Will Benefit The Baby!

Chest cold: Add camphor to coconut oil, boil it well, cool it and apply it on the chest to cure cold.

Headache: Add five small basil leaves, a small piece of zucchini, 2 lemons, grind well and apply on the forehead to cure the headache.

Sore Throat: Sore throat can be cured by frying Sukku, milk pepper, Thippili and Elarici and mixing it with honey.

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A cold-stricken baby can be given regular food as usual. The baby will be less hungry during this time. There will be no hunger as you will be indoors without running and playing too much due to cold and flu. Even if the baby swallows mucus, the appetite will decrease. So, do not force the baby to eat. Vomiting is caused by compulsion. The child can give whatever he wants to drink. This time it will be more thirsty and dry.

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If the child has a fever of 102 degrees and above it is a bit difficult to eat canned food. Therefore, you can cut down on these foods and give them water, milk, buttermilk, fruit juice, etc. for a little over half an hour, once an hour. The baby needs water. Loved drinking. Let it drink as much water as it wants. If the fever is high and nausea and vomiting occur, the child should be given regular water at any time. If vomiting occurs, wipe the mouth immediately after vomiting and add a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water.

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When the fever starts to subside and the nausea stops and the child becomes slightly hungry, one or two sambars can be given along with sambar, curd, lettuce, lentils, vegetables, etc. with salt, text, and sour. Bread and rusk can be served alone or with milk. Do not forget to give plenty of water only after all. Avoid soda, coffee, tea, etc.

If the baby vomits, its stomach does not need food. Rest alone means immediate need. Do not start giving more and more food. Vomiting will continue. The stomach needs at least 3-4 hours of rest after vomiting. Then the baby may sleep peacefully without pain in the abdomen and nausea. The baby’s stomach will also slow down after rest. First give only a small amount of water. Even if the baby eagerly tries to drink water, give a little water with a spoon, without rushing, without giving a lot of water. After drinking a little water, stop for a while.

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