The kidneys want to do this at all ages, just like in childhood


The kidneys want to do this at all ages, just like in childhood

Most people get rid of laziness and feel refreshed by drinking tea in the morning. A lot of people also consider it as a headache relieving drink. Tea also helps to cleanse the kidneys. Drinking a cup of tea daily can help improve the health of the kidneys. It is good to make tea with herbs like jaggery leaf and basil.

Do you suffer from kidney stones?  How can this be fixed easily?


Oma leaf is very good for kidney function. So add a little oma leaf to your daily diet.


Tartaric acid in tamarind prevents the formation of urinary oxalate stones. Adding more tamarind to the diet has ensured that Indonesians do not have more kidney problems.

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According to paranormal medicine and contemporary science it has been proven that jaundice has the glory of preventing kidney failure and restoring lost function.

Eating cherry fruits also strengthens kidney health. Eating cherries and cranberries for two consecutive weeks will reduce the risk of kidney infections. It can also be eaten as a dried fruit. Can be prepared and eaten as salads. The antioxidants in it help the body to protect itself from various diseases.

Lemons, oranges and melons are rich in citric acid. Drinking it as a juice will flush out the toxins that have accumulated in the kidneys. It can also protect against kidney stones. It is a good idea to drink one of these juices daily. Drink without adding salt or sugar.

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Lettuce should also be included in the diet. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. that help the health of the kidneys. However, overdose can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Things to avoid

Tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, beets.

Banana, mango, papaya, orange, dried fruits.


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