The secret that keeps women safe during the Korana era.


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1. Women should have their blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels checked regularly. If these levels are high they should take appropriate action and consult a doctor.

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2. It is mandatory to set aside time for physical training, which is an important aspect of living a very active lifestyle. Although brisk walking, swimming and dancing have been done before, it is now recommended to pursue yoga, meditation and aerobics without leaving home.

3. Add low fat and low salt to your diet to protect your heart. Eat foods rich in fiber, and omega-3, vegetables and fruits. Avoiding processed foods can also help prevent heart disease.

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4. Obesity is a major risk factor leading to heart disease. Women with a BMI above 25 are at higher risk for heart disease. Exercising and following a proper diet can help maintain body weight.

5. Smoking among women has increased during this period. Reaching home can lead to the urge to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. These should be avoided because they increase the risk of heart disease.

6. One of the ways to keep your heart safe is a regular health checkup. You can tele-consult with your doctor to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

7. Know the symptoms of heart disease: One should understand that the possible symptoms of heart disease may be chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea, pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw or back.


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