There are so many ways to find out what your baby is up to in ten minutes


According to a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2003, pregnant women carrying male children consume 10% more. For their study, Harvard School of Public Health researchers examined 244 pregnant women at Boston Israel Deconus Medical in Boston.

Salt test

Why only male children have increased hunger
Researchers say that the increase in the hormone testosterone secreted by the sperm of male children is what triggers appetite in pregnant women.
How to find out the sex of the baby

From that time to the present there are many methods to determine the sex of the baby.
According to this method, pregnant women should sprinkle a little salt on their head while sleeping. Then when they wake up, there is a belief among the people that if they use the word male first they will have a baby boy and if they speak a female related word they will have a baby girl in their stomach.
According to the Danish system, if the husband’s body weight increases while the wife is pregnant, it means that the wife’s baby is growing in the womb. It is still believed in rural areas that if a woman has a craving for sweets during pregnancy, she is a girl, and if she has a craving for salt or sour, she is a boy.
Gold ring method- According to this method, pregnant women lie down straight, tie a gold ring on a thread and lift it above the abdomen. Give it a try if you want.


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