These herbs are often taken to the doctor to protect the baby from being tortured.


These herbs are often taken to the doctor to protect the baby from being tortured.


Measles – 1

சித்தரத்தை – 1

சுக்கு – 1

Nutmeg – 1

Masikkai – 1

Mustard – 1

urai marundhu medicine


Buy a textbook to help you pick up text medicine.

Use this stone only to make medicine for the baby.

This stone must be kept clean.

Pour the kerosene on the earthenware lamp and mount the lamp.

Heat all the above 6 herbs in this fire.

After baking, rub on the stone.

For a one-month-old baby, it is enough to rub the udder once from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Rub all the 6 herbs at once.

For a two-month-old baby, rub twice from top to bottom and from bottom to top

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You can rub the herb as many times as you want for your baby’s month

This is how to prepare Urasi medicine with all the above 6 herbs.

1. Measles

This is called child rearing.

Gives immunity.

The appetite will go away.

Gives agility.

Eliminates stomach related problems.

Solve constipation.

Eliminates gas nuisances.

Colds and coughs are also okay.

Prevents white colored stools without digesting milk.

Stomach bloating will go away.

Helps in physical development.

2. Siddhartha

Removes chest mucus.

Removes mucus from the throat and chest.

Protecting the baby from catching a cold.

3. Sukku

Eliminates the problem of vomiting and abdominal pain.

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Preventing flatulence.

Take care of the baby without suffering from abdominal pain.

There will be no indigestion problem.

4. Nutmeg

Help children sleep.

Helps to regain appetite.

Prevent the baby from crying too often.

Often protects the baby from diarrhea.

5. Mustard

Provides good digestive power.

Preventing the formation of bad air in the stomach.

Makes the intestines, stomach, and liver function properly.

Acts as a laxative.

6. Masikkai

Helps urinate evenly.

Stimulates appetite

Prevents mouth ulcers and intestinal ulcers.

Eliminates digestive disorder.

The drug can be given to the child twice a week.

On days when the baby is poured on the head, this medicine should be given to the baby.

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