This easy way can protect children sleeping in the AC room from the corona


This easy way to protect children sleeping in an AC room from the corona

Day At least an hour before using the AC, completely remove the doors, windows and curtains from the room so that the old air can escape and the fresh air will spread inside the room. In addition there is the possibility of insufficient sunlight spreading throughout the room. This will destroy the germs in the room.

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As you continue to use the AC, there will be a lot of dust inside. So from time to time you need to clean the builder by peeling off the top of the AC. Otherwise the baby will be infected by dusty AC air. Do not take to a hot place immediately. Be careful when you take the baby out of the AC room. Do not take immediately to a place that is too hot or too hot. Sudden climate change can affect a baby’s body.

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Let your baby wear clothing that spreads throughout the body. Wear socks for the feet and gloves for the hands. Or wrap it around your baby’s face and body.

It is usually best to spread the sunlight in the room in the morning. Sunlight helps in the production of vitamin D in the baby’s body. Prevents diseases like jaundice. This opportunity will be missed when you are fully in the AC room. It is true that artificial cooling is available in the AC room. But it can also cause respiratory problems in some children. It is not advisable to keep children with allergies in an AC room.

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Normally all the windows and doors in the AC room are closed. External air and sunlight cannot penetrate inside. This will allow the baby to breathe the same air. Not enough oxygen may be available in it. This is not correct. Also in a closed AC room there is sometimes a stench. This can cause discomfort to the baby. This can affect the health of the baby.


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