This herb can magically make the multi-day wound of diabetics disappear


This herb can magically make the multi-day wound of diabetics disappear

With resin, resin butter, resin paste, and resin ointment are made and sold.

Pine is a resinous tree that grows in the forests of the Western Ghats in southern India and in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.

The eucalyptus tree is scraped, the scar is formed and the spilled resin is collected. It freezes and becomes a resin used in medicine. Once the resin is dry, it is available at country drugstores. Kungiliyam also has alternative names for Kukkil and Kukkiliyam. It dissolves in camphor ointment.

Kungiliya butter, Kungiliya balm and Kungiliya parbham are available in Ayurvedic pharmacies. If the sore caused by diabetes is not controlled and does not get worse, resin can help cure it.

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This herb can magically make the multi-day wound of diabetics disappear

Take 100 g of both resin and beeswax, melt it on low heat and boil it in half a liter of butter. When these are well dried, take 5 grams of cashew nuts, sulfur and onion, powder them and strain them. Soak it in a white cloth and apply it on the sores and the sores will heal.

Add a small piece of sandalwood and put it on the fire to clean the poisonous air in the house. Its smoke gives patients excitement. Let’s look at the benefits of resin.

The problem of joint pain is faced not only by the elderly but also by the teenagers today. They suffer from severe pain in the joints of the hands and feet. There are many herbal oils that can be used to treat arthritis. One of them is the oil made with this resin. It can also be beneficial for joint pain.

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Make 100 g powder of resin. This ointment can be prepared with half a liter of pure essential oil. Heat the butter lightly and mix it with Adil Kungilium powder. After this, if you warm the joint lightly at night and apply it, the pain may decrease. Thus even joint replacement surgery can be postponed for some time.

Bleaching is common in women. It may come before the menstrual cycle and after the menstrual cycle. It is secreted naturally to keep the female organ healthy. But whitening can cause other harm if it is over-exploited.

Leave 10 g of cow ghee in it and fry it in a little water and eat it well before breakfast and evening. Bleaching can be cured by consuming this regularly up to a zone.

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Powder 1 gram of resin and mix it with 1 tsp of milk and drink it to control cough, runny nose and blood.


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