This herb kills any virus that enters the nose


This herb kills any virus that enters the nose

If one eats camphor leaves daily, the body’s immune system will be strengthened. This will reduce the number of diseases affecting the body.

Camphor is rich in essential vitamin K. Vitamin K improves heart health and prevents calcium from entering the arteries. It helps in bone growth and promotes proper blood clotting.


For those who suffer from fever, colds and abdominal pain, it is better to chew camphor leaf raw in the mouth. Thus thymol and carvacrol in it will provide immediate relief.


The scientific name of camphor is Plektrandus ambonicus and it was once identified as Goliath amponicus. Camphor is also known as Indian borage in English. Its leaves are soft and its juice has a delicious taste when chewed green. Camphor can be eaten raw.

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The South Indian family is also definitely associated with camphor, which is famous as a traditional medicine. It is used when the child has a cough and fever.

Helps to get rid of colds and coughs.

Used to reduce nasal congestion and sore throat in adults.

Camphor mixture is used to treat asthma and bronchitis.

Helps digestion of the stomach.

Used in the taste of foods.

Camphor is planted to control Aedes mosquitoes in tropical countries.

Camphor can be grown in Mediterranean and subtropical climates. It needs a little heat to grow well. During the hot summer months the leaves need frequent watering to stay fresh and healthy.

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You have known about this plant since the age of 6 as you were an avid gardener with various traditional herbs in the backyard. Camphor can also be grown in a pot.

Nutrients in camphor

100 g of camphor,

4.3 g fat,

25 mg sodium,

1,260 mg potassium,

Vitamin A (34%),

Calcium (159%),

Vitamin C (3%),

Iron (204%),

Vitamin B6 (50%) and Magnesium (67%)

Contains 69 grams of carbohydrates and 9 grams of protein.

If camphor leaves are eaten daily, the body’s immune system will be strengthened. This will reduce the number of various diseases that affect the body.

A recent study found that one gram of camphor contains 42 times more antioxidants than apple, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Camphor leaves are high in fiber, so if these leaves are consumed daily, the level of cholesterol in the blood can be controlled.

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