This is just a Vaidhula hut, giving a hundred benefits to the lungs.


This is just a Vaidhula hut, giving a hundred benefits to the lungs.

Ancestors say that jaggery made from sugarcane juice is healthy because the nutrients are not destroyed.
Black currant is made by boiling the juice extracted from the palm tree. This is called palm kernel, blackberry. It is only available during the period when turmeric can be obtained from the palm tree. It is noteworthy that counterfeit money is also on the rise as it can only be obtained for 3 months of the year.

Sugar, which tastes like whey, is also made from sugarcane, but more chemicals are added to the sugar paste. It is said that when added, the nutrients in sugarcane are completely destroyed. But whey is high in vitamin C and iron. 10 grams of jam contains 16 grams of magnesium. Contains zinc, selenium etc.

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Water to quench thirst

From boosting the immune system to cleansing our lungs, jaggery offers a variety of health benefits

In addition, drinking it mixed with warm water has many benefits for the body.

So let’s see what are the benefits of mixing jaggery with warm water.

How to take?

Mix a teaspoon of jaggery powder in warm water, add lemon juice and prepare a delicious vitamin C rich drink. Now take it slowly.

What are the benefits?

Drinking warm water in the morning will help soothe your stomach ulcers, flush out toxins and improve digestion. Increases anti-infective power.

Its acidity helps to eliminate constipation and other digestive problems.

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It helps to stabilize body temperature. Helps to relax blood vessels. It generates heat in the body. Increases metabolism in the body. Helps to eliminate toxins in the body.

The minerals and antioxidants in whey boost the immune system. It is also said to help recover from seasonal flu.

Excess water in the body can lead to weight gain. Potassium in jaggery helps to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Thus, it reduces excess water in the body. It also helps in weight loss.

Iron, which is high in whey, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Excess potassium and sodium in it help to control blood pressure in the body.
Jaggery helps the body break down the nutrients it needs to cleanse and keep the working liver safe. Jaggery also cleanses the lungs, esophagus and stomach.

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