This juice breaks down the toxins in the lungs even when the corona is low


This juice breaks down the toxins in the lungs even when the corona is low

Adding peppermint juice to the daily diet can help prevent stomach ailments, strengthen the lungs and prevent respiratory diseases. Increasing the functions of the brain.

Pepper cumin broth

Mix pepper powder with honey and take it twice a day to get rid of memory, body laziness and colds.

Improving digestive power. The alkalinity of pepper is due to a chemical called ‘capsaicin’. The saltiness of the pepper also helps digest fat. Thus the fat in the blood vessels does not build up. Blood vessel thickening can also be avoided. Pepper also has an ‘antioxidant’ property that protects cells in the body. In cases of low appetite, one teaspoon of pepper powder should be mixed with sugar.

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Problems like bloating, fatigue, flatulence, loss of appetite, bile, etc. will go away immediately if the juice is mixed with food.

Cumin, which is added to the juice, cures bloating, colds in the throat, asthma, etc.

Juice cures all stomach ailments. Prevents seizures.

The juice gives peace to the brain and body.

Curry leaves help in stabilizing the stomach and making the intestinal organs function better, prevent digestive disorders, and cure them if you have diabetes, kidney disease, etc.

Pepper has numerous benefits not only for digestion. Let’s first look at the pepper broth recipe needed for digestion.

required things:

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Tamarind – 1 lemon, coriander – a little, salt – the required amount

To fry and grind:

Pepper – 1 tablespoon, Cumin – 1 tablespoon, Garlic – 1, Chili – 1, Lentils – 1 1/2 tablespoons.


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