This massage will give new life to the bald hair


This massage will give new life to the bald hair

If you follow the natural method and follow them, you will definitely see hair growth on baldness soon.

This massage will give new life to the bald hair

The anti-oxidants, vitamins and other ingredients in the bar improve the condition of the scalp. It also repairs, strengthens and stimulates the growth of damaged hair.

The anti-oxidants in olive oil keep hair soft and healthy.

required things

Bark, olive oil, honey is enough. To do this, first heat the olive oil, then add 1 tablespoon of bark and 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well.

Then rub the prepared mass well on the scalp, soak for 15 minutes and then rinse the head.

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If this mask is applied frequently on the scalp, you can see that the affected cells in the scalp are renewed and hair growth is stimulated quickly.

Apply aloe vera gel to the scalp once every two days, massage well into the scalp and leave for half an hour in lukewarm water. You will soon see good results.

The egg white helps to nourish the hair. Stimulates hair growth. Strengthens the hair. Protect hair from falling out. Twice a week, apply from head to toe and massage. You will definitely feel the benefit after doing it five to six times.

Hair is more likely to grow on the bald spot as it enhances hair growth. Add red papaya flower or leaf, curry leaves, henna, cactus, charcoal, lemon juice, gooseberry juice and yoghurt, grind the core in a mixer and rinse the head after one hour.

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