This nut keeps the body cool, just like it is in the diet at the peak.


Frequent addition of zucchini to the diet can reduce kidney disease and fever.

Zucchini contains Vitamin B and C nutrients. Zucchini contains 96.07% water, 3.2% iron, 0.5% mineral salt, 0.2% phosphorus, 0.3% protein and 2.3% carbohydrate.


You can taste the zucchini flesh and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it to cure kidney ailments. It is good for urinary incontinence, water irritation and water retention.

People who eat a lot of fatty foods and fried foods are more thirsty for water. People with diarrhea and people with diabetes have a similar problem. When they have dry tongue, put a pinch of salt in a cup of green zucchini juice and drink it to get rid of dryness. Do not drink this juice without adding salt.

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Zucchini leaves can be cooked and eaten. Or, mix zucchini juice and hazelnut oil and rub it on the scalp before going to bed at night and massage it well to get better sleep.

Rheumatism, which affects the body due to dietary changes and stress, increases the level of bile in the bile duct, weakening the body and affecting many diseases. Zucchini is an excellent natural medicinal food to reduce this bile. Bile will soon be balanced if zucchini is taken with lunch.


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