This nutritious flour gives the first six months of a baby a solid immune system


If we pay more attention to the food we eat from an early age, there will be no harm to physical development. Children need to be provided with nutritious and mineral rich foods. It is no longer possible to know which foods should be given to children if they are to grow physically well.

This nutritious flour gives the first six months of a baby a solid immune system

If your baby starts at 6 months, it means that your baby is ready for solid food. You can make your own homemade, clean homemade Sherlock powder for your baby. It is hygienic if prepared at home. You will also get the satisfaction of giving quality food to children. Children will grow up healthy by getting the nutrients and immunity they need.

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Rice – 50 g

Pulses – 10 g

Green lentils – 10 g

Moss lentils – 10 g

Dried peas – 10 g

Chickpeas – 10 g

Cumin – 1 tbsp


Except for the chickpeas and cumin, everything else should be washed thoroughly to remove dust and stones. Drain the water well. Spread these on a clean white cloth and dry the above ingredients separately. The washed ones should be well dried in the sun for 3-4 days. Stand nearby and fry carefully. When frying the rice, fry them until they turn lightly browned. When frying the nuts, fry until lightly browned. Grind finely. Store safely in an airtight, dry container.

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Infant growth is high in milk. Milk is the best food to boost immunity. It also helps in good physical development. It is rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein which should be given to children daily.

Soy beans
Soy beans are one of the healthiest foods. Chicken can be served to children who do not like eggs. These are high in protein


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