Three plants to grow at home!


Never lie paralyzed indoors. They will tell you to walk outside from time to time to breathe good clean air. However, due to urbanization, there is a fear of going outside due to dust on the road, construction dust and smoke emitted from vehicles.

To counter this you can grow the plant indoors. The plant releases oxygen during the day, usually due to a process called greening. Releases carbon dioxide at night. Therefore, not all plants that are beautiful can be kept indoors. That alone can end up being a problem.

You can grow Spider Plant, Snake Plant and Peace lilly at home. These provide oxygen and have the ability to absorb dust inside the home.

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Spider Plant:

Spider plant is a fast growing beauty plant. It absorbs carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene (DCE), xylene and toluene from the air to provide clean air. Some studies have shown that patients recover more quickly if they are raised in a hospital or in a patient room.

Peace Lily:

Bees lily plant is beautiful to look at. At the same time, it has the ability to provide clean air by absorbing many toxins, including ammonia and benzene, which are present in the air causing headaches and respiratory problems. People with asthma allergies can grow it at home. These provide fresh air by attracting the particles that cause asthma and allergies.

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Snake Plant:

Snake plant also has the ability to absorb these chemicals and provide fresh air. At the same time they also act as a pain reliever. Squeezing the leaves of this plant on the painful area of ​​the body will reduce the pain. This is not an edible plant.

Herbs like camphor, tulsi, dutuvalai, noci, dill, mint and ashwagandha can be grown at home. All of these attract toxins in the air and give us good air. They can also be used for hand medicine.


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